We Love Basketball.

Sure, hockey rules most households here, but not ours. We’ve had this passion since we were kids, and it never wavered.

We admire the history, debate who’s the GOAT, and celebrate the present – even on League Pass. When we walk through a tall doorway, we jump and touch it. When we throw a can in the recycling, we say “Kobe.” And if we miss, we walk it back and shoot again (we were fouled).

We still have Grizzlies gear. When the Raptors made their run to the title, nothing filled our hearts more than having the whole country cheer alongside us. There was room on the bandwagon for everyone.

Because we don’t just love the game. We love what it represents.A game for men and women, locals and immigrants. A game you can play for free in almost any neighbourhood.

Basketball is the greatest game because it is welcoming. And that’s the spirit of the game that Courtside will embody.

We also love beer. 
We’ll have lots of that.